By Amelia Lane

Getting ready for the National Stationery Show in New York...!

national stationery show


In a few days I am flying out to New York to debut Amelia Lane Paper in the USA. Exhibiting at the National Stationery Show - THE show for stationery businesses - has been a longtime dream of mine but wow, is it scary! Trade shows, for those who are wondering, are where companies exhibit to find new shops to sell their work. So while our products are available to buy through our online shop, they are also available in gift boutiques, book shops, florists, stationery studios and many other beautiful shops around the world which we’ve met at trade shows (sneak peek of the invite we sent to them for this show above!). It’s also a great place to meet other people in the industry and just generally get out from behind the desk!

While I’ve exhibited at trade shows in Sydney, Melbourne and London, the National Stationery Show (NSS) in New York is in a whole different league. It’s eye-waveringly expensive for one, especially when you include airfares, hotels and let’s face it, all the shopping I plan to do over there! It also a lot more complicated when it comes to building your stand. Shows I’ve exhibited at before include walls and basic flooring which you can then pay to upgrade / paint or you can generally do whatever you want to your space - hang shelves, frames etc. At this show, you’re given no flooring and no walls and you’re also prohibited from using any tools to build your booth (my drill has been a like a beloved family member in every build I’ve done before). Traveling from Sydney means it’s much harder (and expensive) to build a booth here and ship it over so I’ve opted to have walls and flooring installed on site there (also $$$$). And then there are regulations, and more regulations, and a lot of other unknowns which are going to have to be figured out on site. Luckily, my cousin is flying over to help me and is much more handy than I am!

But challenges aside, it’s a big moment for my business and I’m so excited to bring our products to the USA! We will be debuting our 2018 range of Amelia Lane Life Designers - with more cover, size and layout options than ever before. We’ve worked so hard on the new designs and have been trying to keep the new covers under wraps but I expect you might see a few sneak peeks if you keep an eye on social media during the show! Already, they’ve been creating a bit of buzz being nominated, alongside our Amelia Lane Wedding Designer, as finalists in the Best New Product Award! I’m not sure if that’s helped settle my nerves at all but it’s certainly a huge honour to be a finalist among other stationery brands I admire so much.

If you’re visiting the show, please come and say hi at Booth 1561 - I’ll be the Australian hiding under the desk!

Chanel x


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