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Planner Accessories

Planner Accessories

 When creating the Amelia Lane Life Designer we intentionally chose the covers to be beautiful, stylish and colourful but we deliberately kept the inside pages clean, practical and minimalist so you can focus on the tasks at hand. That said, there’s no harm in injecting some of your own personality onto the pages, especially if it motivates or inspires you to stay on track! Below are some of our favourite accessories you can use to make the most of your Life Designer.


 We’re planning to add some of our own bookmarks to the shop later in the year, but if you don’t like using the ribbons (which come in the Desktop and Compact editions) there are lots of options out there! Another alternative to a book mark or page marker is a cute paper clip with or without some ribbon in a bow tied around the top.

Book mark

Glasses Book Mark by CoolBookMarks (Etsy)

  1. Stickers

There are way too many options to list here, but there are stickers for literally every occasion, hobby, theme or focus. Try searching for ‘planner stickers’ on Etsy to see thousands of results! Personally, we like stickers for weekly reminders – e.g. bins, cleaning, laundry as well as fun ones such as date night, holidays, TV for favourite shows and workouts.

gym sticker

Gym sticker by Center Patch (Etsy)

  1. Washi Tape

We know a lot of people love the idea of washi tape but aren’t sure how to actually incorporate it into your planning. Other than just for adding decorative elements, or sticking photos or notes into your planner, washi tape is great as it can generally be written upon (as it has an uncoated paper finish) so you can use it to block out activities or events and write on the top of it. It’s also fantastic to use in the monthly calendar to block out holidays and weekends away. If you feel it’s too wide for the space you can simply cut it in half.

Washi Tape

Black Pineapple Washi Tape by Washi Gang (Etsy)

  1. Pens

It would be remiss of us not to mention pens as an accessory here, although they are deserving of their own blog post! Pens can be great for colour-coding by activity or family member. Similarly with highlighters. The colour can be a quick and easy way to see an overview of what you’ve got lined up ahead for the week – e.g. purple is gym, blue is work, green is social, pink is errands / must remember and so on.

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