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It's so lovely to 'meet' you!

I'm Chanel - the owner of Amelia Lane Paper. Why Amelia Lane Paper and not Chanel Paper you ask (because everyone does!)? Well, there were pretty big issues with using 'Chanel' in my brand name with the rather well-established fashion house taking over all of Google's search results.

And why Amelia Lane? This is another super common question and understandably so. Let me just preface this with saying had I really thought through how often I'd be asked these two questions as I was brain-storming business names I probably would have come up with a slightly less embarrassing name...! But I named my company Amelia Lane after my favourite doll when I was a little girl.

Yep, a doll. We'll chalk that one up to lessons learned!

I live in Sydney, Australia but have spent a few months here and there living in Paris, Florence, Seoul and New York followed by a whopping nine years in London. Australia is definitely where my heart is though and I think our combination of sunshine and beaches is pretty hard to beat.

You can find out more about me and why I started Amelia Lane Paper here, but I hope you'll follow along the blog for sneak peeks of future product launches, behind the scenes designing, some interviews with hugely inspiring women and a little bit of everything else that makes life wonderful - family, travel and food!

Chanel x

p.s. the photo is from a Q+A I did over on the lovely Polly Finds Beautiful Things blog - you can check it out here!


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