Wet Bag Pouches

Simplify your swim stuff with our wet bag pouches! No more damp swimmers leaking through your beach bag - our wet bag pouches will keep the wet separate from the dry or your valuables safe from a sandy beach bag.

With four patterns and three sizes, our wet bag pouches will help you keep every bag completely organised. From swimming lessons and beach days to baby nappy bags, workout clothes, makeup and travel our wet bag pouches are super versatile.

Made from a lightweight, water resistant, easy to clean material, our Amelia Lane Wet Bags feel super luxe to touch (no nasty nylon or cheap polyester here!)

  • Made for Water

    Simply wring out your wet swimmers and zip them inside our wet bags to keep the wet stuff separate from the dry

  • Durable

    Made from super luxe lightweight, durable and easy to clean material

  • Versatile

    Use it for beach days, swimming lessons, nappy bags, workout clothes, makeup, travel, tech, stationery and more


There are three sizes of Wet Bags - small, medium and large.

Our small size is 20 cm x 15 cm and fits a phone, sunnies, lip balm and keys.

Our medium is 29 cm x 22 cm - a great everyday size for kids swimmers, goggles, swim caps and sunscreen.

Our large size is 36 cm x 29 cm - perfect for big families, wetsuits, baby nappy change things, keeping your dirty laundry away from the clean during holidays or anytime you just need that bit of extra space!

Our Amelia Lane Wet Bags are made from Tyvek - a waterproof material which is luxe to touch, lightweight and soft.

Note: the material is waterproof however the zip and seams aren't watertight so please don't fully submerge your belongings in water.

We designed the Wet Bags to solve a pain point - soggy swimmers wrapped in a damp towel leaking through our beach bag. They are perfect for kids swimming lessons and beach days!

But! They are also perfect for makeup and cosmetics, sweaty gym gear, travel essentials, tech, packing cubes, baby nappy change bags, stationery and as everyday clutches.

Simple! Hand rinse and hang to dry. The material is waterproof so you can also wash it out or wipe down with a baby wipe.