Forget the random scraps of paper and mental load of remembering everything for everyone.

Our Life Designers bring it all effortlessly together in one gorgeous planner. Plus, vision boards, goal prompts and daily habit trackers help you finally make those big changes you dream of. 

Organise your whole life and calm the chaos with our bestselling 2024 planner.

Designed for colour loving, go-getting women, each Life Designer has luxe touch paper, a deep storage pocket, triple ribbon page markers and stickers to bring your year alive.

2024 Life Designers

Which Life Designer is Best For You?

We have four styles of our Life Designer - two Daily styles (a page for each day) and two Weekly styles (a week over two pages). Have a look at each layout below!

Signature Weekly

Our OG Life Designer with a week over two page layout, spiral binding and comprehensive Health section. Use on your desk or on the go!

  • Known For

    Week to a two-page layout for goal getters and change makers

  • Best At

    Tracking health and fitness goals, meal planning and habit tracking

  • Loved By

    Mums, students, small business owners, women with big plans and health goals

Compact Weekly

Our smallest and lightest Life Designer with a week over two page layout and book binding. Take with you everywhere!

  • Known For

    Week to a two-page layout for weekly planners with big dreams

  • Best At

    Weekly goal setting, monthly budgeting, meal and fitness plans, habit tracking

  • Loved By

    Students, women managing projects like a renovation or

Desktop Daily

Our largest and heaviest Life Designer with a day per page including separate Saturday and Sunday pages. Leave me on your desk - I'm heavy and best in one spot!

  • Known For

    Day to a page layout for detail loving, fast-moving women

  • Best At

    Scheduling by hour, tackling to-do lists, small bites of big goals

  • Loved By

    Fast-paced mums, small business owners, women with big plans

Compact Daily

Our portable daily Life Designer - exactly the same as the Desktop Daily with a day per page but smaller in size and handbag-friendly!

  • Known For

    Day to a page layout for do-it-all females

  • Best At

    Scheduling by hour for time optimisation at your fingertips

  • Loved By

    Students, mums, big-thinking women

What's inside?

ALL of our Life Designers have the following features to help calm the chaos of life!

  • 2024 and 2025 Yearly Planners
  • 2024 Special Dates for Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada
  • Australian public school terms
  • 2024 Vision Board
  • Monthly Overview
  • Monthly Tabs
  • Monthly Calendars and Monthly Note pages
  • Monthly Goals and Habit Tracker
  • Monthly Budget
  • 2024 Bucket List
  • Accounts, Passwords and Logins List
  • Gift-buying List
  • Books, Podcasts, TV Shows and Movies List
  • Notes pages
  • Ideas (blank) pages
  • Pocket to store all your important pieces of paper
  • Two sticker sheets
  • Cotton protective bag
  • Keepsake box


Our most Frequently Asked Questions about the 2024 Life Designers

Still have questions? Email us at and we will help you out!

Pre order means our products have all been manufactured and are on their way to us but we are taking orders before their arrival. Once they arrive, we will dispatch them immediately. This is unlike our "in stock" normal products which dispatch the same or next business day.

We strongly believe if you're Life Designer is perfectly clean, you aren't using it enough! We want to you to take it with you everywhere, write in it, cross things out, keep it open on your desk and not worry about life getting in the way. If your Life Designer is sitting pretty on your shelf, then it isn't working for you!

That said, some handy tips are to use the cute cotton bag we give you to protect it in your bag and when out and about, to keep it away from liquids (obviously!), and to use a slightly damp paper towel to wipe off marks.

We expect to be shipping our 2024 Life Designers, 2024 Family Wall Calendar, Baby Journal and Notepads in October. Our Baby Swaddles will be dispatched in late October or November - we will provide a more exact timeline closer to the time. We post in the order we receive your order so the earlier you order, the sooner you will receive it!

Hopefully the information above has helped you make the two most important decisions when it comes to our Life Designers: whether you want a day to a page or week over two pages layout? And if you'll take it out and about with you or leave it on your desk? If you're still struggling to decide, shoot us an email at support@ and we can talk you through it!

Typically, we can't make changes to orders once they are placed as they instantly get sent to our warehouse to be dispatched and we work hard to send them ASAP so you aren't waiting too long to receive your items. That said, sometimes there is a pause between placing a pre order and us shipping so email us at and we will do our best to help you out!

We don't restock once we sell out and we can't put any styles/covers on hold for anyone unfortunately. The best way to guarantee your first choice is to order early!

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