Hi there!
How can we make life more simple, easy and fun?

That's the knotty conundrum we've set out to unravel since launching in 2013. One practical, dopamine-lifting product at a time. 

Because life is too short for functional, boring and beige. 
We create practical, lifechanging and stylish products that make your day a whole lot easier and brighter.

Designed in joy-bringing colours and iconic vibrant prints, our stationery, beach and baby products are feelgood and functional. 

Meet founder, Chanel Davidson. Life simplifier. Head snack chef. Beach-loving book reader.

Chaos is a constant as a mum of three (plus dog and husband!) living on Sydney's sunny northern beaches. I can confirm the beach is the best when it stays... at the beach. #sandfreehouse

Between the avalanche of life admin and being my kids' PA to keep on top of school, there are never ending daycare germs, baby sleep regressions, swimming lessons, soccer training, being the snack conveyer belt... you get the picture.

Life is busy for everyone, whatever stage or style of life you're in.

I know how the right solution makes all the difference to your mindset and capacity.

Our products are thoughtfully designed to remedy your everyday stresses. 

Simplifying the difficult.

Easing the hassle.

Always keeping on top of things (or on this side of chaotic) and doing it in where-did-you-buy-that gorgeous style.

We're here for the practical and fun.

The necessary and gorgeous.

The simple and stylish.

Interested in stocking our products? Email us at wholesale@amelialanepaper.com.au